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About Pantani Brothers Vintage Cycling Shop


Pantani Brothers is a family business based in Glasgow, Scotland. Starting out as hobby cyclists, we found inspiration in every era of road cycling. The people, bicycles and clothing led us to immerse ourselves in the sport. Pantani Brothers was founded to preserve these histories of cycling culture.

We began by recycling and preserving vintage & ex professional road bikes. Inspired by iconic cycling styles, our passion led us to design and hand make organic clothing. Our vision is to change the course of consumption within the world of cycling. The Pantani Brothers brand fights mass production, promoting sustainable practices which protect the earth beneath our wheels.


We hand make all of our cycling clothing in Glasgow, Scotland. Our skilled team hand craft each item, taking time to prioritise quality not quantity.

Pantani Brothers jerseys are made from organic cotton, a more sustainably produced material. Organic cotton production avoids the use of pesticides, saves water and helps improve farmers lives. As organic cotton is able to thermoregulate, the fabric remains soft and comfortable as active performance wear when on the road and as casual leisure wear.

Producing durable, versatile and more environmentally friendly clothing allows us to provide a positive alternative product for the cycling community.

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We want you to join our customers in the fight against mass production. The modern habit to mass produce clothing, most often from synthetic materials, leads to a culture of harmful waste. Synthetic products do not degrade in the same manner as naturally occurring products, meaning the production and waste end up harming our environment.

Our limited stock and pre-order facility allows us to manage waste and prioritise hand crafting each piece of clothing when our customers need it. Pantani Brothers want to promote greater awareness of consumption and provide new products which begin to tackle this global problem.


It is estimated around 15 million bicycles are discarded by their owners each year, with many ending up in landfill as waste. 

Pantani Brothers are committed to the preservation of vintage and ex professional bicycles. By sourcing and salvaging bicycles of the highest quality, we can provide transportation which is suitable for both leisure and performance.

Bianchi Liquigas FG Lite Michael Albasini Road Bike.


By offering a variety of vintage and ex professional bicycles, we hope to strengthen the second hand marketplace encouraging the use of bicycles already on the planet. We encourage cycling for all, as part of a contribution toward better physical and mental health.

Every bicycle has a story. Preserving bicycles from bygone decades allows us to consider the histories and cultural context of each item, as we strive toward a better future.

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